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Painting kitchen cabinets is becoming increasingly popular. Over the last few years, we have come across many failures and issues pertaining to cabinet refinishing and discovered painting cabinets is significantly unique to any other finish. When looking at repainting cabinets for our clients, there are three key areas we focus on to ensure the greatest experience and satisfaction:


We have a seven step process that allows you to still have full function in your home and complete use of your kitchen while it gets transformed. You will not issues with fumes or excessive masking and encapsulating areas which can be extremely invasive.

Usually, our process typically takes 5 days.

Day 1: Completely cover the floors with construction paper along with the countertops. All the doors will be pulled of and degreased along with boxes before sanding.  All the cabinet boxes will be papered off.
Day 2: All the doors and boxes will be sanded and primed twice
Day 3: All doors and boxes will be sanded and a first coat of milesi will be sprayed
Day 4: Repeat day 3 and start cleaning up the kitchen for reinstall day
Day 5: Clean and Reinstall doors

This process has been proven to be the best and least invasive for our customers.


Most cabinets we encounter that are failing are the result of substandard processes and/or products. Kitchen cabinets in particular are subjected to a unique set of environmental stress and damaging chemicals that calls for a coating that can withstand for the long term. We use products that meet or exceed these standards.
We manually and chemically prepare the surface to accept our bonding primer and perform a one hour scratch test.


Painting kitchen cabinets is one thing, refinishing them is quite another. Both have one thing in common- The products used need to meet or exceed KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association) standards.

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